Collaboration Day Summaries: September 22nd, 2017

Palm Crest Elementary Collaboration Day Summaries

September 22, 2017

Kindergarten: kinder did not have a collaboration day.

1st Grade: The first-grade team planned Everyday Math Unit 2 instruction, unit assessment, cumulative assessment, and updated the September/October pacing calendar. Members planned sight word instruction for Early Bird/Late Bird reading and writing lessons. The team discussed October learning units and planned the Teddy Bear Picnic.

2nd Grade:  The Second Grade Team planned upcoming homework activities and special projects for the month of October.  For Everyday Math, teachers mapped out the rest of Unit 2, including the end of unit and cumulative assessments.  Team members also looked at ways to incorporate Math Talk into the remaining lessons.  For science, teachers gathered materials and fine-tuned a pollination investigation, and brainstormed questions to ask the students during the lesson.  Lastly, teachers set the date for our upcoming Thanksgiving Plays.

3rd Grade:  The third-grade teams from all three sites met to set the Math Common Assessments for the school year.  Common Assessment #2 will be EM Unit 4 Test, and Common Assessment #3 will be EM Unit 6 Test. The teams then checked in regarding pacing of Journeys and shared experiences using the online assessments, how to modify assessments, and the easiest methods for splitting the scoring between language and reading in Gradebook.  Lastly, all members shared experiences using Crosscutting Concepts in Science Notebooks.

4th Grade:  The fourth-grade team met with Debbie Au to go over implementing NGSS standards using the FOSS Kits that were ordered.  The team looked at the different components of the FOSS Kits and Mrs. Au explained how they could be implemented in the classroom.  

5th Grade

5th grade revisited our math pacing to ensure that we are consistent across our grade level and made necessary adjustments to unit quizzes. The team also reviewed the science lab plans for the unit on Weather and discussed the implementation of our FOSS KITS for this year and next year. Members looked at potential projects for the Explorer unit and created a pacing schedule for social studies content, including projects, readings, and necessary purchases.  

6th Grade:

The districts’ 6th Grade ELA/Social Studies teachers continued to refine the newly adopted ELA curriculum pacing guide and discussed student results of the 1st ELA common assessment.  The math and science teachers met and discussed the current weather unit and focused on Air. We looked through the FOSS kits and planned how to best pace the next few weeks of the curriculum.

Special Education:

Odessa Esquivel collaborated with David P and Jeff W. to troubleshoot Classlink for the students in her class. Supplemental intervention packets were created along with some visual charts and reminders for general education students in RTI. Tracy Prehn and Jessica Voelker collaborated (at PCY) with the preschool assessment team (Lori G., Myrna, and Kathryn) to discuss and streamline reports presented during IEP meetings.

PE: The three elementary PE teachers met at PCY.  Teachers discussed proper channels to go through for recommending students who are not meeting grade level motor skills.  The team discussed best practices for inclement weather schedule.  Teachers shared Units with each other such as Golf (PCY), Team Foursquare (LCE) and Survival Handball (PCR).  Lastly, the team discussed strategies to better support instructional aides in meeting the PE standards and  expectations.  


The elementary ELD team met with Lindi Dreibelbis, Chief Director, and David Paszkiewicz, Instructional Specialist, to discuss ways of streamlining ELD procedures.  CELDT testing has been completed at all sites.  CELDT data is being used to determine English Language Development support priorities, with intentional focus on current reclassification criteria and Long Term English Learner needs.  Support schedules are being finalized at the elementary sites.