Palm Crest Elementary Collaboration Day Summaries - March 24, 2017


Kindergarten: The kinder team met to discuss the potential language arts programs up for adoption. We also discussed EDM mid and end of the year math assessments and aligned them to our report card standards. We later met with Ms. Wenn to discuss Fountas & Pinnell reading inventory and planned for 2017-2018 reading assessment calendar. 

1st Grade: The first grade team debriefed the ELA Curriculum Adoption Committee meeting and discussed next steps. They met with the district K/1 team with Ms. Wenn to discuss Fountas & Pinnell reading inventory and planned for 2017-2018 reading assessment calendar. 

2nd Grade: The second grade team planned and paced for the remainder of the school year and the Celebrate America Plays. We finalized field trip the schedule and planned for the Family Tree Project that are going home when we return from Spring Break.. 

3rd Grade: The third grade team met and planned EM assessments for Unit 7. We  discussed which kit to order for the new NGSS units for next year. Plans were made for math and language arts activities to review for the CAASPP test. 

4th Grade: The fourth grade team met to plan and pace for the rest of the year.  We went over test prep materials for CAASPP testing.  We also went over NGSS plans for next year and discussed possible experiments/activities. (AIMS and FOSS Kits)

5th Grade: The fifth grade discussed several upcoming class projects that will encompass social studies and science standards. We reviewed our progress on administering the IAB practice tests to better prepare students for caaspp. A common core study guide has been created and we paced the next two weeks to accommodate the study guide. 

6th Grade: The 6th grade team made adjustments to the pacing guide and lessons for Greece and Tom Sawyer.  The teachers also discussed science kits to help implement NGSS standards and how to best introduce new topics and activities.  The teachers also discussed end-of-the-year activities and a discipline plan to ensure all students stay motivated to continually make proper choices at school. 

Special Education: RSP worked on caseload and IEPs. Worked together to create schedules for the upcoming transition meetings for 6th graders.

ELD: The elementary ELD teaching team, including the paraprofessionals, met to discuss end-of-the-year planning regarding iPad returns, filling the position of an upcoming retirement and summer CELDT testing. Monica Ratliff returns to LCE after spring break so we thanked Susie Sandrew for her work and gave her a warm send off with the hopes she can continue in some capacity at LCUSD next school year.