Palm Crest Elementary Collaboration Day Summaries - November 18, 2016

1st Grade: The First Grade Team completed instructional planning for the remainder of the calendar year. They planned instruction for EDM Units 3 and 4, including the shared common math assessment, and planned instruction for the implementation of the new ELA materials for piloting. 

2nd Grade: The Second Grade team at PCR planned for a field trip to Caltech for the Junie B. Jones play.  We explored the new Everyday Math Skills Book and planned how to incorporate it into our instruction.

3rd Grade: The third grade team met and planned Unit 4 EM activities for the rest of the calendar year. We used the EM online tool to search for lessons that will help us to differentiate instruction.  We planned Big Woods Day for December 20th and set a timeline for completion of Social Studies projects and assessments prior to the winter break.

4th Grade: The fourth grade team met and went over the upcoming Overnight Field trip (prep work, activities, etc.).  We talked about the Mission Research Report and aligned Social Studies and Science.  We planned our EDM units and discussed activities/lesson plans for upcoming units.

5th Grade: The fifth grade team met and discussed the upcoming schedule for Colonial Day on December 16th. The fifth grade team explored the CAASPP digital library. We reviewed the ELA and Math CAASPP interim assessments and created a schedule of assessments to administer by the end of the second trimester. We discussed where we were in terms of pacing guides. The team also reviewed the Journeys ELA Pilot program and decided which unit would be best to pilot during the second trimester.   

6th Grade: The 6th grade team met and discussed trimester activities. We collaborated on the play and schedule. We discussed Pali and finalized groups and activities. The science teachers read over the FOSS kit teacher’s guide.  The ELA teachers talked about how to incorporate the piloting into the current pacing guide.

RSP/Special Education: Met at the District Office with David Lamb for Google trainings.  Session focused on special education and using google to aide in our everyday communication with parents and teachers for IEP meetings and collaboration. 

ELD:  The elementary ELD teachers met with director Lindi Dreibelbis to finalize the revised reclassification criteria. They invited Carrie Hetzel to provide more in-depth information regarding appropriate grade level cutpoints especially related to the District Writing Assessment and the new Fountas and Pinnell reading assessments. The finalized recommendations will be presented to the elementary principals and submitted to the Governing Board for approval. We also discussed some successful iPad apps for newcomers at the higher elementary grades.