Palm Crest Elementary Collaboration Day Summaries - January 27, 2017

Kindergarten did not have a Collaboration Day

1st Grade: The first grade team met at LCE to discuss the kindergarten/first grade district plan for reading expectations and assessment, including ESGI assessments and Fountas & Pinnell assessments. The district kindergarten/first grade team will meet at the district on the March Collaboration Day to finalize reading expectations and assessment plans. 

2nd Grade: The first part of the afternoon, the second grade team met and discussed the “Facilities Master Plan” with Mrs. Hurley and the 5th grade team.  For the second part of the afternoon, the  2nd grade team planned a “Famous American” lesson together and finalized arrangements for our field trip to the Natural History Museum and IMAX Science Center.

3rd Grade: The third grade team worked on NGSS notebooks for our upcomimg science unit. We also reformatted practice tests for our Unit 5 EM assessment. 

4th Grade:  The fourth grade team met and discussed our NGSS plan for the rest of the year.  We visited the Science Supply room to plan future science activities.  We discussed the progress of our Mission reports and went over our Math pacing guide to ensure we cover everything before Spring Testing.  We also discussed our CASSPP login and practice tests.

5th Grade: The fifth grade team met with David Paszkiewicz to review the components of the administering practice tests on The team then met along with second grade with Karen Hurley to review the Facilities Master Plan. Fifth grade then discussed the logistics for administering the student panorama survey next week. 

6th Grade: The 6th grade discussed the Panorama survey and the logistics of administering it to the students.  We discussed how to best prepare our students for the upcoming SBAC test and using the CAASPP IAB practice exams. The team also started planning 6th grade end of the year festivities: memories assembly, Mountasia and other activities. 

RSP/Special Education: RSP worked on reports with SLP and psych for upcoming IEPs this month. We also worked on schedules for growing caseloads. Next collaboration day, we will meet with other sites to look into technology. OT collaborated and presented foundational skills for visual motor and handwriting to the Preschool and TK team at PCY.

ELD: Due to mid-year staff changes, the three ELD teachers met to ensure program quality and parity among the three schools. They reviewed the currently available support resources, including the Fountas and Pinnell reading assessment program for identifying specific reading challenges. They also looked in depth at the Wordly Wise vocabulary enrichment program, and the Words Their Way for English Learners phonics program. Discussion included how to effectively use these resources and other supplementary materials to increase English proficiency.