Palm Crest Elementary Collaboration Day Summaries - December 22, 2016

1st Grade: The First Grade PCR Team met to discuss their ongoing piloting of the two ELA programs: Journeys and Wonders, noting the pros and cons for each, as they continue to plan instruction, and prepare to present their experiences with each curriculum to the adoption committee.  They planned EDM Unit 4 activities and completed the online pacing guide for the remainder of the unit. For Science, they shared activities for the Weather unit and planned the first grade Weather Rap. 

2nd Grade:  The Second Grade Team at PCR joined the 2nd grade teams of PCY and LCE at Paradise Canyon to discuss and compare our thoughts from piloting the two new ELA programs.  No decision has been made yet as to our selection.

3rd Grade: The third grade team met and planned Unit 5 EM activities for the month of January. We also reviewed the two ELA programs being considered for adoption.

4th Grade:  The fourth grade team met and finalized plans for our Pilgrim Overnight field trip.  We discussed the ELA adoption/pilot and how we would implement it into our schedule.  We talked about EDM assessments and our pacing for the rest of the trimester.

5th Grade: The fifth grade team met and discussed the schedule for piloting the Language Arts programs. We made a prospective agenda for when we will incorporate Wonders and when we will incorporate Journeys. We also reviewed the recent Colonial Day. We discussed what went well and what possible changes need to be made for the years to come. 

6th Grade: The math teachers reviewed the second benchmark scores and looked at areas of success and areas that need improvement.  The teachers strategized ways to improve for next year and next steps to review and re-teach some material this year.. The ELA teachers met and discussed the upcoming pilot,  The teachers created a plan to integrate parts of the current ELA program and the pilot. 

ELD: The ELD paraprofessionals and teachers met together to discuss program delivery pending an upcoming leave of absence and retirement. We strategized next steps, identified training roles and administrative support needed for the new staff. We also took the opportunity to celebrate our first semester successes and give a temporary farewell to one of our colleagues.