Collaboration Day Summaries: September 1, 2017

Palm Crest Elementary Collaboration Day Summaries

September 1, 2017

Kindergarten: The kinder team met at the District Office to discuss National Geographic’s pacing for the year.  Team members identified successes and challenges with the curriculum and aligned the ESGI Benchmark Assessments to the National Geographic assessments for the first Trimester.  The team discussed upcoming changes to be made for the 2nd and 3rd Trimesters.

1st Grade: The 1st Grade Palm Crest, La Canada, and Paradise Canyon teams met at Palm Crest to identify the first common assessment for Everyday Math in line with this year's curriculum pacing guide, the weight of each question item as it relates to its matching Common Core standard, and its point values. Next, they reviewed the new ELA curriculum, Journeys, and identified successes and challenges with the curriculum. Next steps for Journeys and Everyday Math were planned and the first grade pacing guides were updated.

2nd Grade:  The Second Grade Team at PCR met with the LCE and PCY teams to decide on the upcoming District Common Assessment.  The team also discussed different homework policies and expectations at each site.

3rd Grade:  The third grade team at PCR communicated with LCE and PCY to solidify the first District Common Assessment for Math.  As a team, members also set-up the teacher Classlink accounts in preparation for technology lessons with classes during the coming week. The team reset the Illuminate gradebooks, and reviewed pacing for the new ELA curriculum and integration of core literature.

4th Grade:

The fourth grade team met with the fourth grade teachers from PCY and LCE. The team decided on Common Assessments for each trimester.

5th Grade

The fifth grade team met at the PCY campus to collaborate as a grade level about the first math common assessment. The team created a point-based rubric to grade the common assessment. Members reviewed study guides for all everyday math chapters to efficiently prepare students for the end of the unit assessments. The PCR team decided how to weight grades inputted into illuminate for all subject matter.

6th Grade:

The 6th grade team met at PCY, The math/science teachers created the first common assessment and discussed how to pace the next few math chapters. The team also discussed the implementation of the NGSS standards and pacing of the current unit.  The ELA teachers discussed the first common assessment and pacing of the new ELA  adoption.

Special Education

The SAI teachers attended an ABA presentation at PCY.  Paula Santos was the presenter.  Topics discussed were:  How to determine function of behavior and how to determine consequences based on those behavioral functions.   


The elementary school PE teachers met at LCE.  They recapped opening weeks and shared areas of strength and challenges..  Spanish class starts next week and the team collaborated on best practices for re-aligning groups and procedures for ‘Spanish Days.’  The team also discussed equipment ordering procedures and what equipment (brands/types) has worked best for the diverse aged student groups..  The team wrapped up discussing goals for observations and best practices used for our class procedures.


The ELD team used collaboration time to continue to give the state-mandated CELDT assessment to identified students.