PCR Collaboration Day Summaries September 2nd, 2016

Kindergarten: The district's Kindergarten teachers met to review the new schedule for Back to School Night. Teachers discussed which parts were successful and determined areas that need to be altered. Kindergarten teachers also reviewed the homework policy and acknowledged that students are not required to complete the assigned work until First Grade. Finally, the Kindergarten teachers reviewed and made changes to the Common Core State Standards aligned English Language Arts and Math assessments. All of the assessments were updated in ESGI and all Kindergarten teachers input current student data.

First Grade:  The first grade district team met at LCE and discussed ESGI and the district assessments for math, as well as Fountas and Pinnell for language arts.  We discussed the district writing sample and deadlines as well as options for future change.  We discussed pros and cons of the new beginning of the year language assessments.

Second Grade: The second grade teachers from Palm Crest met and discussed the student’s RAZ Kids placement according to their Fountas and Pinnell reading test results.  Spelling City was renewed and/or purchased by the teachers, and the student’s login id and passwords were built. We also started to discuss options for the upcoming Common Math Assessment and decided to present the other two sites with the possibility of using the 1st Quarter Common ELA assessment from last year as our 1st Trimester assessment.

Third Grade: The third grade teachers from all three sites met to discuss trimester one common assessments. The teachers discussed pacing and decided which assessments to administer. Lastly, the teachers looked into the games and online monitoring features of Everyday Math.

Fourth Grade:  The fourth grade team met to discuss the pacing of Everyday Math.  We also talked about different activities and projects in order to differentiate for our students.  
We went over Google Classroom and set up accounts for our classes.  We also discussed field trips and upcoming 4th grade activities.

Fifth Grade:  The fifth grade team met to review and update Illuminate gradebooks. We took into consideration scaling and categories for each subject area. The team discussed long range planning including cornerstone projects and assessments. Discussions regarding benchmark assessments will be continued at our upcoming grade level meeting.

Sixth Grade:  The 6th grade team met and planned developmental asset lessons.  We discussed our RSP students and strategies to best help them succeed. We also looked over enrichment activities to help differentiate lessons for the more advanced students. The team looked over a few digital citizen lessons.

Special Ed:  RSP met with PCY RSP to discuss the various ways that we are collaborating with teachers this year. We also spoke about google classroom and how that may be an effective way to reach the students for assistance by uploading our notes and videos to help close gaps when we are not available (Ie. in other classrooms at the time). We also spoke about how to effectively and legally use aides in classrooms and what 1:1 aides can do vs. what they cannot.

Speech, OT, and RSP collaborated with each other and discussed cases in which we share. Discussed present levels and progress on goals as well as treatment plans and what our goal is for a few students.

ELD:  ELD teachers met with the Chief Director of Assessment, Research, Consolidated Programs and CALPADs to begin planning the ELAC meeting scheduled for Thursday, September 29th at 6:30 and the IPAD Distribution meeting scheduled for October 6th at 6:30.  They also discussed how to support teachers with the ELD Standards Progress Report now due every trimester and the possibility of having the Progress Report on Illuminate.  They discussed the monthly ELD newsletter.